November 24th, 2007

Do you some good in the neighbourhood like I should

There is an urge within me to accommodate and disseminate. It constitutes an extension of goodwill, intimate in that it comes directly or indirectly from me, and is always intended for others. I look at my practice as a series of transactions – a communication involving two or more people that affects all those involved; a personal interaction; an agreement or exchange. These scenarios have a propriety – a fitness or correctness of behaviour – associated with a location and circumstances. This mode of responsiveness does not prescribe how the work will exist, but informs it.

The scale of these gestures is slight in appearance, but hopes to lead by example, with donation recurring as a strategy. The delight at receiving something unrelated to occasion or reward, is given prominence by virtue of its rarity. The transactions take the form of coordinated, fleeting episodes always powered by a true endeavour. These episodes twist around quotidian systems, in an attempt to invite others in. The endeavours are both nostalgic and practical in their quest for cohesion in apparently disparate times. Optimism endures as a tool to counteract day to day conflict: inequality studies prove hope and happiness bring better health than a good diet or bank balance.

I propose purposeful, peripatetic and continuous humane activity. The causality of this will sometimes be overt, sometimes not. To enact in however intangible form, is to voice a commitment tied to responsibility.

Beatty Hallas is an artist living in the UK