Deckchair Repair

August 1st, 2005


For over a month I prepared a suitable place from which to conduct deckchair repairs, clearing out rubbish and making alterations to a shed in the sculpture yard at Wimbledon School of Art. Inside I set up a desk and chair, with radio and reference materials. Two rolls of replacement deckchair fabric (Mablethorpe and Bridlington) hung from the wall for visitors to choose from. Deckchairs that needed work were stacked inside, alongside wood treatments and tools.

I handed out leaflets to commuters at Wimbledon station advertising repairs and posted them through letter boxes in the area. A radius of two miles was mapped around the repair centre, from which I would do repairs for those who could not make it to the shed.

Around me, technicians, students and tutors continued with their work, stopping in for a cup of tea and the latest news of The Ashes (winning year). Every morning at 10am I arrived and opened up the deckchair repair. I rubbed down frames and teak oiled them, treating for woodworm, polishing fixings and replacing covers. Deckchairs were brought in for repair by members of the public, whilst sturdy chairs were set up in the yard for anyone who wanted to rest. My steady work set a familiarity and pace to proceedings. Visitors chatted and lounged, or peered into the repair workshop. At 5pm I closed up and went home.

1 August – 16 September 2005, MA show Wimbledon School of Art

deckchairs.jpghut1.jpgcloth.jpg door.jpg jars.jpg chairs.jpgchair.jpgoutside1.jpgtea.jpg table.jpgdesk.jpg cotton.jpgcards.jpg toms.jpgteatime.jpg d-chair.jpgmap.jpg board.jpg